Legacy of Destiny

Destiny is a online non-profitable organization dedicated to the studies of the metaphysics. It was founded in 2010 by Benjamin Martinez who gathered various people from its parent site MyTK. Since then the site has expanded to other topics such as conspiracy theories, theology, paranormal studies, and the occult arts.

In 2011 Destiny joined the group of alliances known as Guardians Collective and experienced a huge spike in traffic. Sadly Destiny has had a history of saboteurs over its relevantly short life. Such as the hacking of the first site, the lies spread on MyTK about it, a time that caused great division between its members in June 2011, and even now it continues to have shaky alliances with other communities such as 4ET.

It’s also had it’s share of leaders such as Benjamin who had to step down soon after the establishment of it’s second site, and Ricky Yeats was voted into power to replace him. However in August 2011 Ricky stepped down who gave his power to Jared Tyler who in turn, had to give his power to three newly-voted leaders with equal powers.

Yet, through thick and thin destiny has managed to survive, and has continued to grow no matter what is thrown at it. And even today, despite all the leader’s it’s been through, and all the obstacles that it has crossed it has remained to keep the same mission statement. To have a community where your; religion, sexuality, race, age, and/or gender will not be judged and that we can all co-exist together to find a bigger truth out there in the universe.


If you’re interested, visit us at Legacy of Destiny



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