The Sites

How it all Started

They say curiosity killed the cat, well., this cat has nine lives.

Ever since the first quarter 2009, I’ve had trouble with obeying commands. That time, my rebellious, uncaring side surfaced and I let it, nurturing it, to the point that I was answering back, and I didn’t care who I hurt. The little obedient girl was gone.

So basically, if I’m interested in something, and you tell me not to do it, sooner or later, its done. That’s what happened when my ex-boyfriend told me he was part of something bigger than we’ve ever known. This actually piqued my interest since anything new or mystical or weird interests me. Though for the first few days he wasn’t dishing out any information, till one day, I guess it’s either I’m questioning him too much, or he wanted to brag a bit (I’m guessing it’s the latter), he finally told me. He belonged to an Online Energy Community. He gave me a link where I read a few things like psi balls and energy manipulation. Curiosity made me try a few of them, the psi ball to be exact, and I felt what the guide told me I would feel. So before I had the chance to brag about it to my ex and tell him “you’re not the only one who can do things”, he told me not to try anything I read, that it could be dangerous and such. Too bad the warning came too late xD

Some of the sites I’m now part of is The Exiled, Legacy of Destiny, The Power of Cosmeria, and The Guardian’s Templar

(fancy that, I’m part of a lot of sites! lol I just signed up, they’re part of the same webring)



so here’s the two I’m most partial to 🙂


The Exiled

The Exiled is a community with the will and the intentions of making the next innovated base of Energy Work for the future, and research and developments of our community. 

We have goals to accomplish.



Legacy of Destiny

This site is devoted to teaching you about the metaphysical world. Here, we are open to all views as long as you don’t push them onto others. You can read about energy manipulation, healing, psychokinesis, magick and more. If there is anything you don’t see, point it out to us and we’ll do our best to find some information on it.

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