Rorouni Kenshin: Samurai X LIve Action


Rorouni Kenshin is my first ever favorite anime. And today I am happy to say I have finally watched the Live Action movie. I couldn’t quite express my excitement, and even though I appear quite calm on the outside, I’m shrieking with joy inside.

The movie is spectacular. The moves, the mannerisms, they all fit in character. Even though the story was twisted a little bit, it was still a great show. The actors all managed to depict the characteristics of each and every character, plus they resemble the characters.

I loved how Sanosuke looked, all msucle and toughness (yum-my!). Since I’ve been quite attached to Saito, who was on the lean side in the anime, I was a little surprised to see that the actor portraying him wasn’t that lean. Still when he used his signature pose before going in for the kill, I totally loved it. Megumi was beautiful, Yahiko was okay, and Kaoru could have been cuter and Kenshin was cool (felt like I’ve seen him before in some other movie.)

The fight scenes were amazing, and hilarious even, especially that of Sanosuke’s. He can really make things interesting. The actor for Kenshin can really pull off most of his moves, up to a point where I want to just rewind to see them again.

I really had a great time watching it, and even my best friend (who didn’t know the storyline, and was bored at first) said it was a good movie. I really hope that they turn it into a series ❤

Because of the movie, I can’t wait to re-watch all anime episodes again 🙂


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