Why I Hate the Christmas Season in Our Area.

The same things I liked about our surroundings is also what I dislike during Christmas time.

I live in Divisoria, a pretty sad, cheap place. The only upbeat here is that there are a lot of stores and bazaars where you can buy things at retail prize. So what has that got to do with my dislike for the Christmas season?


1. Bazaars
Lots of bazaars here, tiange, everything you need at retail price. Very useful if you’re trying to be thrifty, save a few bucks. Every time there is a celebration coming up, the number of shops increase to the point where they’re everywhere. It’s a good thing if you wanted a lot of options, look around for the best thing to buy. The problem is, everyone thinks so too. So they end up flocking to this area.


2. House Location

To be able to reach our house, I need to walk at least 1 kilometer, give or take a few meters. Why? Not because I enjoy gawking at the stuff people sell, but because there is no other direct way, every road that leads to where I currently reside is dotted with shops. Why not ride the jeepney, or a side car? Because of reason #1.


3. Poverty Rate

Where there are a lot of people, there are also a lot of other… unsavory ones because of Reason #1. It’s lucky if you just come across a few children begging for alms, but it’s another matter when your things are taken from you without you noticing it.


4. State of the Area

Because of Reason #1, Divisoria is always a lil on the shabby side. Trash here and there. A few homeless people loitering around. It’s basically a squatter area. And my biggest concern is the poor lighting. Which is of great concern when it comes to Reason #3


What can I say, this month wouldn’t be an easy one, since our schedule dismisses us late. I just hope Christmas season ends early.


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