School Girl Crush

A school girl crush is defined as an infatuation that a young girl has, usually for an older man or an actor, which is seen as superficial and unlikely to last for long.

I usually find it a little bit weird – irritating sometimes – when I see girls tittering, squealing, shrieking, jumping up and down in happiness just because of their crushes. Imagine my amusement at seeing those same reaction from my classmates whenever would see Mr. Jespher Yao (or any other cute guy for that matter) walk by. I don’t really understand why they do that, despite how many times they tell me how cute the guy is.

I guess I’m a little different from other girls because of the fact I don’t notice guys a lot.  For me to even acknowledge that a guy is cute, I’d need to have a reason. I really believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the more a person means to you, the more alluring they look. I don’t know.. it’s just, I can notice a beautiful girl, but a cute/handsome guy in my eyes wouldn’t exactly be cute/handsome in the eyes of others.

Now, I think I understand why girls shriek and giggle when their crush passes by. I was talking to my best friend (if you’re reading this, imagine me calling you best friend. The shock it would bring lol) about how I feel all happy and giddy whenever pumpkin (yeah i suck at giving names. I call people by what strikes me the most about them, pizzahut and beach ball being a few examples – I’m not exactly good at being vague with names) talks to me. It’s like I’m all “yayyy he noticed me.” And my best friend told me it’s like I have a school girl crush on pumpkin. And really – it’s not so bad I guess. It’s kind of distracting yet fulfilling at the same time.

It’s like I discovered a new animal in our house and I’m curious. How do I approach it? I’m tempted to go and poke things whenever I don’t understand them. Lacking a dad made me somehow.. unaccustomed to dealing with males. How will it react? Tentatively reaching out, first contact seems to be okay. What next? Boys are a mystery.

The question now for me is, will I keep this new-found-okayish-at-first-contact-but-will-it-bite-me animal as a pet? Or just go about my business as usual? I’d have a go and consult my “best friend” about this 😛


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