A Promise for more..

It’s been a while since I last wrote something, and I blame it on our (to say “our” like it was really ours, when it is in fact our neighbor’s) wifi. I’ve been recently checking up on this site, intending to write something, but the time it takes to load drives the desire out of me – I’m not such a patient person xD


This week has been the most.. shocking. Yes, shocking.This week just keeps coming at me.


As I think about it, I can’t believe all of it happened. Just to mention a few, as school started, hard reality sank in. We were going to have the same professor we had the past few semesters and she’s already given us a reporting assignment. Nothing like a report to inspire you towards looking forward to the weekend. Just after that, I learned something about someone who I thought I was close enough to, to know such things. And woah. I still can’t wrap my head around it. I mean, how could I have not known about something so obvious? But then again, I wasn’t always with her long enough to notice. Of all the questions other people would have asked, my mind is stuck with “why?” Not “why didn’t I notice?” or “Why didn’t she tell?” just plain why. I don’t know the whole story, and so I am at a loss as to what to make of it.

Shocked me is something to behold. Due to peer influence – and my curiosity to boot (I’m going to land myself in trouble one day), I was reading Fifty Shades of Grey that day, and the story instantly hooked me in. It’s erotic scenes are delivered in a soft – vague? – way. Enough to let you know what’s going on without being too detailed about it. I like the story itself, and the erotic parts are well done, even if it wasn’t quite what I expected. I was really into reading the book and not letting others bother me, wouldn’t even put it down long enough to shift my mind on something else – that’s how curious I am about how their relationship would turn out. And then I hear about the news. And my mind instantly clears of everything. Shocked. Empty. Woah. I spent the whole afternoon trying to wrap my head around it, and I still keep asking why. Up till now, I am shocked. But still, not shocked enough to completely stop reading xD


I promised to stay away from romance novels – specially like those my sister bought. It’s all about vampires, angels, and their corresponding love life.. It’s just so.. predictable at some points. And yet here I am, surprised that I’m still wanting to know more.. I’m now in the middle of the second book, Fifty Shades Darker.


Another thing that shocked me is a realization about myself. I have been downgraded. A shadow of what I once was. In the past, I made it my priority to know what was going on around me, what little details are there for me to see. But the little news bomb woke me up. How can I be so blind that I didn’t see what was plain in front of me? Even my mind is not how it used to be. I think its true, what someone over the internet commented. The internet can make you dumb. But that would not be the result of the internet’s existence. It would be because of my own negligence. The availability of data at a fingertip’s click away makes one… lax. And lazy. Definitely lazy.


Determination. That’s what I need. Or maybe restraint. Either way I need to set up my priorities xD so many distractions, so much studying to do


I hope to be able to post more, and at the same time, study well. As for the title of this post, “more” always gives a promise of something. And it is quite expertly woven into the story of Fifty Shades of Grey. So tantalizingly tempting, yet something to be wary of at the same time.



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