Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

There was an Enchanted Forest filled with all the classic characters we know.

Or think we know.

One day they find themselves trapped in a world where all their happy endings were stolen.

Our world.


A tale as old as time told in a new perspective. That’s what Once Upon A Time is.

The reason behind Snow White and The Evil Queen’s rivalry. The truth behind Mad Hatter’s Craziness. The allure of the siren. The magic behind Little Red Riding Hood’s red cloak. The true nature of Belle’s beast. The reason for Hansel and Gretel’s venture into the blind witch’s cottage. Magic, adventure, action, suspense, mystery, true love and betrayal. All that and more in this gripping TV series.

I have to admit that the graphics/special effects were not of the highest kind, but it serves it purpose. The story itself is captivating, giving you new insights to the stories you thought you knew so well. All that combined with the plot brews a magical story.



From Cinderella, I learned that no one can dictate how you will live your life.

Belle shared how no one decides her fate but her.

In a way, I’m the same as Rumplestiltskin, believing that no one can truly love me.


“No one comes to see me without a deal in mind.”

“Evil isn’t born dearie. It’s made”

“Love. True Love, is the most powerful magic of all”

“You see, no matter how powerful, all curses can be broken.”

“Great power comes from great sacrifice”

“This is curse isn’t going to be easy. Vengeance never is dearie. You have to ask yourself a simple question: How far are you willing to go?”



“Love makes people do foolish things”

– King Leopold, Cinderella’s father


“True love isn’t easy, but it must be fought for!”

“I will always find you”

– Prince Charming


“Perhaps you’re the one that’s mad!”

“What’s crazier than seeing and not believing?”

– Mad Hatter


“Revenge is a dark and lonely road. Once you go down it, there is no heading back.”



“Hidden for the good of all, old friend. Whoever created that monstrosity makes us look positively.. moral.”



“Soon, everything you love, everything all of you love, will be taken from you. Forever. And out of your suffering will rise my victory. I shall destroy your happiness, if it’s the last thing I do.”

“I just wanted to win. For once.”

-Evil Queen


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