A Vampire’s Bite

She was an image of innocence, sweet and full of life. The look in her eyes conveying full trust in me. Like she is comfortable being around me. I couldn’t help but be entranced with her graceful motions, the dainty way in which she explores my room.

I was lost in the image of her, contentment settling in me as I relaxed deeper under the sheets. She brings about a sense of peace within me, like it was from her that I get my comfort and not the other way around. God, she doesn’t know how much she affects me.

She finally found her way to my bedside, where she sat looking curiously at me. I was lost in her gaze, my eyes roaming from her face to her lips, those full red lips that I suddenly wanted to taste. There’s just something about her tonight, something that calls out to me.

I was surprised when she cuddled next to me, her soft breaths washing over me. I froze for a moment, and then I relaxed. There’s nothing I should fear from this innocent girl. More like, I should fear the way I seem to desire her. My heart started beating faster as she lightly grazed her finger under my chin, tracing the angle of my jaw. There was a simple curiosity in her eyes as she watched my face. She slowly settled her head near my shoulder. I could feel her soft breaths on my neck, feel her cuddle closer to me. I let her be comfortable and I relaxed myself.

She nuzzled my neck and bit hard.

It was painful at first. Like having two fat needles stuck inside me coupled with a burning feeling. I could feel my blood being sucked out of me, feel the the burning flow as she drank. It was so surprising I almost pushed her off of me, until she started to intertwine her fingers in my hair and started licking at my neck. It was so sudden I didn’t think. I let her continue lapping on my neck, feeling her smile upon my skin.

A curious sensation of calmness enveloped me, and a tingling sensation of pleasure began to spread in my body, starting from my neck to the tip of my toes. I could feel my body becoming hotter, more aroused, the longer she kept licking and sucking. It was like a small flame of lust grew from my center, radiating outward. And it was all brought about by this sweet innocent woman I have in my arms. A budding urge of desire swept over me, wanting to please her, to let her have her way with me.

I couldn’t help but have my hands roam around her body, stroking her skin, exploring her. Her smooth skin smells so enticing. Every curve of her body seems to fit into mine. Every now and then she would utter a moan in what sounded like pleasure, her light hands cautiously starting to roam around my body. Her curious fingers, her light touches, those in itself heightened my own pleasure, making me want her even more. My rough hands unconsciously found their way to her breast, tweaking and fondling them over her nightgown, when she suddenly sucked hard on my neck, sending arrows of pleasure down my body. I arched my neck deeper into the pillow, baring my neck to her even more. I couldn’t help but thrust my hips into hers, and was satisfied with the encouraging moans that came from her.



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