“High school, it happens to everyone. And for four years it has a way of  dividing us. Athletes, over-achievers, drama queens, misfits, jokers. But then, just before it ends, when you’re almost at the door, one night has a way of bringing us together: Prom.

It’s the one night when nobody cares who wore the varsity jacket and who got cut from the team. It’s the night when you might find yourself singing at the top of your lungs with people you’ve never even spoken to. The night when that cute guy from your math class might finally makes his move. Prom’s our night. And each one of us wants it to be unforgettable.

“Prom, a night when nice guys might not finish last. When friends might completely surprise you. When the person you were throughout high school could change in an instant. Maybe you find what you’re looking for. Or maybe you just find yourself. It’s true. One night can bring us all together. But it’s more than that. ‘Cuz when it ends, it’s really just the beginning.” ~Nova


True, this movie is one of those kinds of romantic-love chick flick thing girls are so crazy about. But it got through to me somehow. Even if the plot was a little bit predictable, I just couldn’t help but appreciate it. Love can make or break a man. One night can change a lot forever. And yes, I kinda like chick flicks too 🙂


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