When Boredom Strikes

If I was really bored, I’d have left this screen blank and just stared at the empty post for quite some time. That’s how bored I am. Most times I find myself writing. Sometimes sleeping, watching or reading. But there is no escaping boredom when it has caught up to you.

There are two kinds of boredom with me. One where I’m bored but energetic, and the other when I’m bored and lethargic. The thing with boredom but energetic is that I find myself  thinking of what to do, but being too lazy to do stuff, or I am not in the mood to do that stuff. I’d still have the energy to complain about stuffs though. When I’m bored and lethargic, I find my mind drifting off into space, sluggishly analyzing things, sometimes just staring at one object appreciating it’s design. My movements are slow and timid. I’d mostly be sitting quietly in a corner, not moving a lot and staring of into the unknown. This is the hardest kind if boredom I have to deal with. I need a serious motivation or need to do something just so I could snap out of it.

Me being bored means there are a lot of things I leave for tomorrow. Stuff that I’m too bored to take care of now. Stuff I need to do now. It’s just that I’m too bored to do them. In the end, I either end up doing nothing, or doing something I have no need for.





Products of Boredom


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