Brain vs Me – Playful Banters

After a good night’s sleep after studying:

Me: Brain, what’s with the dream?
Brain: What dream?
Me: you know, the kissing romantic stuff.
Brain: kissing who?
Me: you know, the guy.
Brain: oh, Sodium?
Me: yeah
Brain: I thought you’d need a distraction, a de-stressifyer. You’ve been studying hard. I figured you needed a break.
Me: It was a sweet nice dream but I’d have preferred if you made a dream about school stuff we studied.
Brain: Stop whining, you liked it. Don’t deny it.
Me: *blushes* Go away brain xD damn you. Go to sleep or review what we have studied xD Besides, it’s not like it would happen. The guy hates me.
Brain: Or so you think
Me: shut up brain xD





While reviewing at school: the chorus of I’m Sexy and I Know It song playing in the background

Brain: hey look at this! *shows the smiley face of pumpkin pix, wiggling his hips to the chorus of wiggle wiggle wiggle with a bow tie and shiny pants*
Me: damn brain, xD I’m studying! Concentrate! Haha
Brain: *imagines glenn and aj wiggling their hips too*
Me: for some reason I can’t quite imagine aj’s face with that. Lol but the cutest and funniest is pumpkin pix and glenn!

*was distracted for about 10 minutes inwardly laughing at how cute they would look dancing*

XD instant distraction and laughtrip. Ahaha the guards kept playing party music xD this kept me in a good mood all day





Brain: What are you doing?
Me: thinking
Brain: about what?
Me: stuff. My decisions, what would happen, etc
Brain: -_- if you have that much free time you should study for your exams tomorrow.
Me: oh, yeah.. *staring at the wall distractedly* I forgot about those
Brain: Eyes. Book. Now.


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