Leisurely Saturday

I’m a fan of sleeping in at weekends, and today was no exception even if I had a lot of drawings to finish, and exams to review for. I even slept another two hours near lunch time before fixing myself up to go to the mall with my mom and sis.

Who thought I’d look nice in a pair of tight-fitting pants and 3 inches wedge heels? I was surprised at it too, though those were not my first options. I couldn’t find the pants I normally wear so i had to settle for the tight ones, and the heels were my sister’s, I just used them because I had no other open shoes to wear because of a wound near my heel. All in all, I look nice. Just had to cut back a bit in the belly section xD

On the way to the mall we passed a bridge where there was a bit of an accident. An old man was lying on the middle of the road, with two lines of blood pooling from his head. His urinary bladder kinda went to as there was a line of pee running down too. I deduced that we happened upon the bridge only minutes after the accident, as the blood was still fresh and running. Truth be told, I was kinda disappointed there wasn’t much blood – that’s how I thought accidents looked like. Guess I’m wrong. We didn’t stick around to see if the old man was still alive or not. If he was, then I hope for his speedy recovery., but if not, then may his soul find peace. It’s just that, he looked like the kind of old man who is timid and got out of people’s way without much ado. And he looked so helpless lying down in the road.

Well at the mall we kinda went straight to Cyberzone and hunted around for the Galaxay Tab 2 10.1. And yes, we’re going to be buying me one. My sister gets an Ipad3. No, I don’t feel cheated at that, thought I might be envious every now and then, but I stick to the reason I wanted a tablet – for school uses. Our books are expensive and thick. Truth be told, they are damn heavy. PDF files of the books we have are easy to hunt down, even if they were not the same edition. That and the fact that tablets are way lighter, makes it more convenient for school use. I’d just have to be triple careful of my bag on the way home whenever I bring mine. I didn’t expect mom to let each of us buy tablets at the same time. I guess we’re going to have to be thrifty after this. xD

Back home we loitered around drinking coconut juice and occasionally nibbling on some coconut meat. I went to polish off a few more marshmallow icing cupcakes and managed to lick a few spoonfuls of it too xD

Tonight I’m going to finish all my drawings. Tomorrow, I’d need to start studying for the Prelims exams. I hope I do well. The scholarship isn’t something I could just let go. Wish me luck 🙂


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