Pumpkin Pix

Soo Jun Lee? John Paul Dalangin?Β  who is this person?

There isn’t someone I’m more curious about now, than this guy. Well aside from the day-to-day gossips in school that is. A curious person, he makes me wanna shift through his mind and discover the secrets there. Too bad I can’t do that since I have no way of talking to him.

Contrary to what he thinks, I find him… curious. I guess that’s the only word for it. It’s not the he thinks so differently from the rest of the people out there, but there is a certain way in his point of view that I’m intrigued with. Also, his identity in itself is intriguing. I don’t know who he is. The few things I know about him, are in a doubtful place in my mind. If he managed toΒ  lie – or at least not tell the whole truth – then how am I to know which of those he said is true? Truly a curious specimen I’d like to poke at.

That brings me to the question of why he lied, or told half-truths. To impress? To play? I don’t know. What’s annoying with half-truths is that you won’t see where it’ll end. They’ll just keep piling up until something gives.I guess that I’m competitive in a way. If you try to get me to admit to something subtly, and I notice it, I’ll play dumb and entirely clueless. Until you give in. I make lots of people angry that way, and he is no exception. It’s just better to tell me things straight up than to go beating around the bushes.

Still, I have to admit I miss having him around, talking to him. Weird guy. I think he’d look nice in a bright red shirt with black designs. And a smile on his face.


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