Chapter 5: Conclusions and Recommendations


Conclusions and Recommendations

This chapter presents the summary of findings, conclusions drawn from the study and recommendation for future research.

This study was intended to know the perception of the second year pre-dentistry students regarding metrosexuality. A descriptive study was conducted among the second year pre-dentistry students, second semester, school year 2011-2012 at Centro Escolar University Manila.  The researchers conducted survey questions among the second year pre-dentistry students and also; the researchers interviewed few male second year pre-dentistry students and ask their point of view regarding metrosexuality. The researchers used a random sampling technique to get random samples in the population of second year pre-dentistry students.



            Based on the findings gathered from the researchers’ surveys, the researchers conclude that the metrosexuals are existing in the society nowadays, and they are generally widespread in any area accessible to man. Most of these metrosexuals do not know that they are termed metrosexuals, but act like a stereotypical one. Most of the second year pre-dentistry students know what a metrosexual is when they see one or when one is described to them, but not when the term “metrosexual” itself is tossed around. Some mistakenly categorize metrosexuals as gay because of their so-called vanity and feminine acts, they are still willing to associate themselves and socialize with them.

The more social and outgoing the students are, the more readily they perceive metrosexuals as the “it” people. Being in the age group that highly values the current fashion statement and the need for good looks; the respondents are more open-minded to accepting the metrosexuals in our society. Specifically, most of the researchers’ male respondents are metrosexuals themselves.

The students’ perceptions enlighten them about the nature and behaviour of these metrosexuals, and in turn, it helps them be at ease since they now understand that metrosexuals are not gay people. Their understanding of these metrosexuals does not affect how they act and socialize towards their metrosexual friends, in fact, they are now equipped with the knowledge to further appreciate them.



Based on the problems discovered by this study, it is recommended that:

  1. Schools should be agents in imparting knowledge to the students and provide a healthy environment for both the metrosexual students and others.
  2. Economists should look into upgrading the current apparel trend to accommodate these metrosexuals, thus becoming a fresh market for products.
  3. Students must be open minded and not judgemental about a person’s personality and physical appearance.
  4. For future researchers make an in-depth study about the leisure and lifestyle of the metrosexuals, their fashion couture, and how they affect the economy of the society.



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