Chapter 2: Local Studies



Review of Related Literature and Studies

Local Studies

According to “Pinoy Metrosexuals Want to Look Good, Smell Good” by Irma Isip, Filipino males in Metro Manila typify today’s metrosexual. Although confident about their sexuality, they are discreet about carrying certain grooming aids and are hesitant in describing themselves as sexy.

An AsiaBUS market survey done by leading global market Intelligence Company Synovate shows that 91 percent of Metro Manila males consider looks as important. About 70 percent disagreed that men who use beauty products are not as masculine as men who do not. Sixty-six percent also disagreed that men are made fun of if they spend too much time on their appearance.

A small proportion of 38 percent consider they are sexy. While majority of the Filipino males in the survey say the use of beauty products does not make one any less of a man, their use of these products is limited to a select few as they stick to those that make them “look good” and “smell good.”

For both males and females, good hygiene and fresh breath are basic to being considered handsome or beautiful. Fifty-two percent of males and 67 percent of women selected these two factors as basic. The same survey said almost all of the men and women interviewed preferred clean-shaven men. Products most commonly by males surveyed are perfumes and colognes (81 percent), deodorants (79 percent), mouthwash (57 percent), hair conditioners (53 percent), hair spray and hair gels (47 percent).

Other grooming aids are not part of the repertoire of Filipino males but are used by a smaller proportion of those surveyed. These include facial moisturizers (12 percent), lip balms (11 percent), oil control films (9 percent), facial masks (7 percent), and pore packs (3 percent).

Not many, however, want to be caught dead with these products when they are out. Only 26 percent admitted to bringing their grooming products outside the home; the majority prefers to keep the battle for vanity limited to the home front.

Looking good is no longer a question of vanity as Filipino males want to take better care of themselves to look good and feel good. Seventy percent of those surveyed said they try to look good for themselves, while 24 percent say they do so to please their partners. Female respondents of the survey agreed, saying men should look good to please themselves (62 percent) more than their partners/potential partners (34 percent). Asked if a man’s appearance improved with age, only 35 percent of both the male and female population agreed.



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