Chapter 1: Significance of the Study



The Problem and Its Setting

Significance of the Study

For the metrosexual men:  The metrosexual men are not to be confused with and be taken as homosexuals.  This study is done to correct the mistaken perception of individuals regarding the metrosexuals. Metrosexual men are thought to be gay, which in truth, they are really not. They are straight men, but are conscious of their physical appearance, sometimes even becoming narcissistic in their ideals, and thus the wrong idea of society starts. This study will not only clarify that insight, but also give light to the persona that is the metrosexual.

For the students: The right information among the students, especially in the second year preparatory dentistry students of Centro Escolar University – Manila, is supposed to be true, accurate and complete. There are instances wherein wrong information is disseminated and this circulates among individuals either through gossips or hearsays. With this study, the group seeks to correct the wrong perception of students, starting with metrosexuality and what it is. The study can help the students gain more knowledge of the people they interact with. With the number of metrosexual men increasing, it is most likely that each student is interacting with metrosexual men every day.

For the community: Although the researcher’s study is only limited to the second year preparatory dentistry students of Centro Escolar University – Manila, the individuals that are surveyed will know the difference between metrosexual men and ordinary men. This in itself will be a cause of said knowledge to be circulated about, and hopefully it will reach other people as well. Clearer understanding of these individuals leads to a clearer explanation as to how they can be an asset for our society, and how they can be of help to our economy.



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