Chapter 1: Scope, Delimitations, and Limitations of the Study



The Problem and Its Setting

Scope, Delimitations, and Limitations of the Study

The main purpose of the study is to provide information regarding metrosexuality and how being a metrosexual affects the lifestyle of the student. The study considers the student’s personal information such as their name (optional) gender, age, and section.

The researchers limited the study to 80 male and female preparatory dentistry students enrolled in the second semester of school year 2011-2012 of Centro Escolar University-Manila. Each of the respondents was given a questionnaire to answer. The students selected came from four different sections to avoid prejudice of their perceptions.

In order to assure manageability of the collected data, the questionnaire only included multiple choice items, likert scale, checklist and ranking/rating questions and did not include open-ended response items.

The researchers included additional interview questions exclusive for male second year preparatory dentistry students also from the four different sections. Open-ended questions were used to have a better and clearer understanding of male students’ perception on metrosexuality.



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