Chapter 1: Definition of Terms


The Problem and Its Setting

Definition of Terms


               To ensure maximum comprehension and appreciation of the research, some relevant terms are defined in this section.


Egalitarianism.  It is a trend of thought that favors equality of some sort among moral agents, whether persons or animals.

Heterosexuality. It refers to a sexual feeling or behavior directed toward a person or persons of the opposite sex.

Homosexuality. It is sexual desire of behaviour directed toward a person or persons of one’s own sex.

Masculinity. It refers to something traditionally considered to be characteristic of a male.

Metropolis. It refers to any large, busy city and sometimes capital city of a country or state.

Metrosexual. They are usually urban heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes.

Perception. It refers to a person’s cognition or understanding regarding a certain subject.

Self-esteem. It is a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself;self-respect.

Sexual orientation. It refers to the direction of one’s sexual interest toward members of the same, opposite, or both sexes.

Sophistication. It is a cause to become less natural, especially to make less naive and more worldly

Vain. It refers to a being of excessively proud of or concerned about one’s own appearance, qualities, achievements, etc.

Vogue.  It refers to the prevailing fashion, practice, or style.


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