Appendix Questions

Appendix A

Survey Questions

Good Day! We are a group of student researchers from AAPD 2A, and we are very much interested in knowing your perceptions about metrosexual men. Your answer will be confidential.

Name: (Optional) _________________Section___________   Age:_____     Sex:____


Survey Questions:

Please answer completely the survey form below in your own opinion. (SD- Strongly Disagree, D-Disagree, A- Agree, SA- Strongly Agree)

Please check  the answer/s of your choice and take your time in answering our survey. Thank you very much!


 “Metrosexuals are young men with money to spend, living in or within easy reach of a metropolis because that’s where all the best shops, clubs, gyms and hairdressers are. He might be officially gay, straight or bisexual, but utterly immaterial because he has clearly taken himself as his own love object and pleasure his sexual preference. They embrace narcissism. ”- Mark Simpsons







  1. I am familiar with the term “metrosexual”.
  1. Metrosexuals are gay.
  1. Metrosexuals are fashion style sensitive
  1. Men who wear trendy clothes are gay.
  1. Metrosexuals are mirror-obsessed people.
  1. Metrosexuals pampers and moisturizes themselves through the consumption of grooming products.
  1. Metrosexuals are straight man in touch with his feminine side.
  1. A successful man has both feminine and masculine characteristics.
  1. I enjoy the company of a male with feminine side.
  1. Men’s fashion is just as important as women’s fashion.
  1. Is personal appearance directly related to sexual preference?
  1. Do famous people have a great influence in the fashion statement of people?
  1. I would still hang out with my friend even if he’s a metrosexual.
  1. I look at magazines to get updated by the latest fashion.
  1. Male vanity is acceptable in television.
  1. In going to school, good grooming and fashion is the most essential for students.


1. If you see a guy wearing fashionably tight clothes, what would you think?

____ he’s gay

____ he’s a fashionista

____ he borrowed his sister’s clothes

____ he’s famous


2. In your opinion, what is the basis for being called a real man?

____ having big biceps, triceps and abs.

____ being sensitive and frail

____having a girlfriend

____ based on their attitude

____their actions


3. Rate the following celebrities who has great impact on male’s fashion by writing numbers 1-5; 1- Highest & 5- Lowest

____ Piolo Pascual

____Enchong Dee

____ Xian Lim

____ Gerald Anderson

____ Vice Ganda


4. Rate the following celebrities who has great impact on male’s fashion by writing numbers 1-5; 1- Highest & 5- Lowest

____David Beckham

____Tom Cruise

____Jackie Chan

____Zac Efron

____Johnny Depp


5. Did this survey help you in understanding metrosexuality?

____ Yes

____ No

Thank you very much!

Appendix B

Interview Questions

Interview Questions:  (FOR MALE 2nd Year PRE-DENT STUDENTS ONLY)


1. Is one’s style connected to sexuality? Why or why not?

2. What word comes to your mind when you hear the word metrosexual?

3. What can you say about metrosexual men and heterosexual men?

4. Is being a metrosexual good or bad? Why?

5. Do you believe that vain men or men that are conscious of their physical appearance are still straight?

6. Do men have the right to express their “fashion sense” just like what women do, without questioning if they are straight or not?

7. If you knew that your friend or classmate is metrosexual would you still hang out with him? Why or why not?


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