VMobile’s LoadXtreme

Discover The Secret on How to Turn Your Cellphone From an Expense-Generating Device Into a Money-Making Machine!



 I would like to share you with a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY that would allow you to SAVE and EARN while EMPOWERING a lot of PEOPLE!

A BUSINESS where we will help each other by working as a TEAM to make our dreams become a reality…

What we offer is a LIFETIME DISCOUNT ON YOUR PREPAID LOAD! A perfect solution to your everyday expenses!





Since 2008, LoadXtreme has made significant changes in how mobile commerce is conducted by transforming the nature of how traditional prepaid business is done. More importantly, it has changed so many lives by opening the highly profitable prepaid loading business to the masses. Vmobile, a subsidiary of PentaCapital, launched its LoadXtreme business which turns your everyday cellphone into a money making machine. Using your existing sim, you can now send load to not one, but all networks!


LoadXtreme offers the Technoprenuer package which lets you use your existing sim and cellphone, and using only one E-wallet, you get to load everything and save up to more than 300 on prepaid products. Plus, you get to have two free websites accounts, an automated inventory system, and online loading! Save as much as 10-14%! Earn about  P64,500 pesos in 7 months!


 What’s inside the TechnoPreneur package? For only P3,988.00 you get your TechnoPrenuer Card, twenty TechnoUsers Access Cards, three Smart Sims, two Tarpaulins, twenty Pricelists, twenty Quick Guides and one Reusable bag.


How it works: The TechnoPreneur Card automatically links up all twenty of the TechnoUser Cards which you can re-sell to people wanting to get into the loading business for only a small price of P250.00. This link-up provides a profit override which lets the TechnoPreneur earn 1-2% for every load consumed by its Access Cards! Just by selling all twenty of these TechnoUser Cards, you automatically earn P5,000 which is more than your capital!


Think that’s already a lot? Wait until you hear this! For every other TechnoPreneurs you invite to join our Team, you automatically get P500 referral bonus! And whenever you bring in a pair, you get another P500! Now, whenever your pairs bring in other pairs, you get another P500 override from their efforts! Why, you could just sit back and let other people under you work for you!


Tempted to know more on how you can avail of this wonderful business package? Visit our FAQ site at http://loadxtreme.ph/new/FAQs/.


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