The Truth

Rule #1. Never, ever, lie to me.

One single lie, when believed, would turn to be a liability in the future. No lie will go unknown. All of those who heard it, or heard of it would be affected. And usually, a single “innocent” lie wouldn’t stay innocent forever.

All the chaos in my life now was caused by one such “innocent” lie. Brought about by one of the persons I trusted most. And that little lie turned out bigger than ever.

Believing that lie, I let it affect the way things are. I made decisions about that things with that lie in mind. I thought I was right. In the end, everyone’s laughing at me. It turns out I was the one who was the fool, the one led around by the nose. It’s a shock to know that everything you’ve fought for. everything you believed in, was all a lie. Another is the conscience-eating guilt about the effects of the decisions made with the lie in mind.

I fought for what I believed was the truth, which now I know was something made to cover up the unpleasant aspect of one person. And now, what’s left of it? The shame of the ruckus I caused defending the lie I believed. The loss of someone close to me because I chose the lie over him. The shock that I have been so gullible, not wanting to trust what others say.

In the end, who’s to blame but me? I was the one who believed the lie wholeheartedly. I was the one chose to overlook the blind spots.

I absolutely hate liars. I’d prefer that you tell me the truth, even if it hurts me, rather than have you go around my back and lie to comfort me. Because what would that accomplish? In the end that lie would just hurt more than the truth.


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