It’s Raining


The thing with rain is that it gets everything wet and refreshed, clearing away the debris, letting you come away clean after. It doesn’t choose who will get wet, rather it lets everyone experience the same feeling of small patters of raindrops on them.

I love the rain. It makes me feel calm and comforted. Like it brings  a promise of a brighter moment later. I can sleep better when it’s raining, feel calmer faster. But I don’t always like the rain. There are instances like when I’m heading home from school and it rains, I like those moments. The streets are clear of people, I don’t have to worry about pickpockets or anyone. But rain is kind of saddening when I’m bringing schoolbooks home. Thousands of pesos worth of books, only to be drenched by the rain if I’m not careful enough. A bit of a shame, especially since I’m a book lover.

For others, the rain signify a lot of things, heartbreak and loneliness being some of them. I guess it’s true, how those people think. For me the rain helps in washing away the hurt in my heart, the pattering sounds of its raindrops helps keep loneliness away. No matter how much I like the rain, it can’t continuously rain forever. There will be a promising opportunity when the rain stops, a better outlook in life, a fresh new start. And I need that.



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