The Pests of Our Neighborhood

There are times when sometimes I could not help but imagine how hard I would be gripping someone’s neck, squeezing their throats and dragging them off to the authorities. How satisfying such an act would be. Sadly, those are moments I can only replay in my mind.

The general area where we live in is not what you would call.. ideal. There are a lot of mini stores around, selling retail and wholesale stuff at cheaper prices than in some places. People will think that this is a good thing. These stores attract a lot of buyers every day, which in turn attracts other less pleasant sort of people. Due to this fact, there are a lot of homeless people, squatters, drug addicts and such around here. People have been robbed, slashed, bashed on the side with a rock, and even shot.Things have been stolen, pockets were picked, and bags were slashed.

The thing is, I can’t choose where I live. We have to make do and just blend in. To stand out is a mistake. It is wiser do downplay yourself than to out-deck yourself in ridiculously expensive jewelry and other paraphernalia, only to regret it when it is snatched from right under your nose.

What makes me annoyed is that these people – those who picks pockets, steal things and such – doesn’t have any sense of.. what would you call that.. camaraderie? sameness? The fact that we live in the same area, breathe the same stale air, walk the same streets, doesn’t stop them from trying their luck with me. There have been times where my backpack was opened, but nothing has been taken, for I felt that there was something different with how my bag felt around my shoulders. I am thankful that the only thing that those people were able to take from me was a hairbrush and a piece of paper. Granted that that hairbrush was my favorite, and that piece of paper contained my lecture notes, my emotions were more of a mix of thankfulness and indignant. I’m annoyed at both myself and the perpetrator. Even if there were a lot of people that day, how could I be so distracted as to not feel my bag being opened? I’m irritated at the audacity of the perpetrator to even try – and succeed – at taking something from me. I mean, how dare they?!?

These “pests” are the main problem of our society. They are everywhere, thriving amongst our numbers. Eradicate them at one place at some point, they’ll come flocking back the moment you’re gone. It doesn’t matter how scrupulous you are. There will always be some lurking around. No matter how progressive our country will be, these kinds of people will always be our downfall.

These people, they aren’t always those who are in the crowded, populated areas. These people don’t even need to be poor or needy to be able to do what they do. Some of the authorities in power, they are sometimes the pests of our society. They let themselves be lax in implementing the law. Being greedy for profit, they allow these pests to continue their ways – for a small cut in the earnings of course. Due to this, the pests are “protected and immune to the law”, never learning and never facing justice for their crimes.

Whenever something untoward happens to you, your first cry is that for justice. Your blood cries for that of the offender’s. To feel the satisfaction of exacting the same feeling, or more, of aggravation they have bought upon you.  But with this kind of lifestyle we have, how can justice be served?


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