Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited

A big Thank You to the Petron Corporation promo for giving away a one-month free e-comics subscription worth $9.99 for MARVEL.



This is a lucky find for me by my mom. True that I may not be a comic nerd – or that I couldn’t care less about comics in general before, but always liked reading them – but it doesn’t take much for me to be able to appreciate and enjoy these comics. So yes, at first I may appear as “lost” among the pages of each heroes’ story, but I could read. And in doing so, I get to meet each one of them in their own environment, doing what they are supposed to do.

I’m not in it just because I want to be able to talk to certain people about the comics and the characters, to appear knowledgeable about them, and in turn, be accepted by said people. It’s not because of the pretty drawings too, or the colorful pages. Most importantly, it’s the story that lures me in. I couldn’t resist a good story – the graphics are just an added bonus.

So yes, this is my recent addiction, and though I may not be able to talk about them yet at great lengths, who cares? At least I read a good story šŸ™‚


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