Annoying Matter – My Life as Usual

To call a girl a “bitch” is degrading to the female dogs. I mean, what did they do to be compared to such an awful person?

So you love this guy, who, for reasons unknown does not return your feelings – far as I know anyways – and you get over possessive with every girl he talks with, doing as much as you can to get them to back off. I could liken a guy to a dog. Put on his collar too tight, you’d choke him  and he’d be antsy with you. Give him to much wiggle room and he runs off. But put it comfortably around his neck, and he’ll be tolerable about it.

I get annoyed with girls who takes things about guys they like too far. Take my life as an example. So this guy claims to like me, (flattered as I am) and he has this girl best friend (why is it always the girl best friend?) who likes him for the past how many years. Asking the guy why he likes me, he says its cuz I remind him of his dead girlfriend (boo!! At least like me for me, not because I remind you of someone else). Enter the girl best friend who plays the bad guy card in the beginning, claiming to be “protecting” the guy from flirtatious leeches (I do believe she was talking about me), then plays the pity card midway through, saying how its been years, that no matter what effort she does, the guy still doesn’t like her, and I fell for it big time. And then finally, the possessive bitch card, and she drives everyone away.

Come to think of it, I really liked the guy at first. But then enters the best friend – yeah no. I hate meeting those kind of people. Oh come on, sure I liked the guy. But his luggage of a best friend is a turn off. Plus him being a silent, emo-ish, “I-hope-you-can-read-minds-and-understand-what-I’m-doing” guy is no help either. And add the best friend’s bitching at you. Meh. Too much trouble. Get away as fast as possible.

I would have liked to stay friends with the guy – minus the best friend of course. I can’t tolerate the fact that this guy has to hide behind this annoying person. As a friend said, “He even got a girl to bitch at you.” And that’s true.

Still, some would say I was a terrible person for abandoning a friend (is it possible to call the guy that term?) but hey, he abandoned me first, got silently emotional, and then, you weren’t in my shoes, being bitched at by his possessive girl best friend. So what do I do? Confront best friend? No use talking to someone who claims to “know everything” and therefore won’t listen to your reasoning. Ask the guy to tell best friend to back off? Good idea, tried it, didn’t work. Because best friend started bitching at me again.

Now, I have no more fucks to give. I did at first, felt pity for the guy for being hounded by this girl. Felt pity for the girl whose feelings went unacknowledged. But then they team up and do this to me. It’s annoying really.


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