“Breaking the Casanova’s Heart” Operation

Not long ago I said I didn’t know anything about love. Now I’m eating my words.

Love. It is that warm fuzzy feeling you feel in your chest every time you think of that special person. That goofy smile on your face that just can’t seem to go away every time you gaze at their face. The unexplainable rush you feel every time that person talks to you. The feeling of happiness you get just by staying at their side. The excitement you feel every time they touch your hand. And then that painful twisting, the weird feeling in your chest every time you see them hurt or crying. That is love.

And it took me 71 chapters of alyloony’s Wattpad story, “Breaking the Casanova’s Heart” Operation to make me realize it.



10 Things to do to break the Casanova’s heart

1.   Make him notice you.
2.   Do a thing for him that the other girls haven’t done yet.
3.   Make him ask you on a date.
4.   Make sure that date will be the one he will remember the most.
5.   Make sure he will take you seriously.
6.   Make sure that you’ll be the only girl he’s dating.
7.   Make him introduce you to his parents.
8.   Make him kiss you.
9.   Be his girlfriend.
10.   Break his heart.


But there is only one rule you must abide by.
Do not fall for him.
If you break this rule, the operation is considered failed and you
to face a sever punishment.


 Signed: _________________________



Who said having the heart of not one, but two gorgeous, charming, sweet and romantic men was a life in heaven? The story is about how a nerdy girl sets out to break a playboy’s heart to gain revenge for her best friend’s heartbreak and how she solves the problems that arises from it. Truthfully, this story reflects something that is happening in my life now. The choices of whom to choose, unintentionally hurting people and getting hurt in return, and loving. Why must love be so complicated? Why can’t it ever be simple and straight?

Because the trials we face.. these are what makes a relationship worth fighting for. No matter how much we love someone, we may keep getting rejected, we may end up getting hurt. But no matter what happens, you have to fight for it. Because if you don’t, nothing will happen. Love will not fight for you, if you don’t fight with it.

In this story, Rence taught me that you have to work hard for your love. Sometimes the one you love will keep pushing you away. But to keep holding on, to keep loving after you’ve been rejected again and again., that love is the purest.

Drew taught me that in loving someone, you have to let them go. Not because you don’t love them anymore. But because you do. When you love someone enough, you will learn to set them free, because their happiness lies with someone else. It will hurt a lot, it will be awkward, but the one for you will come in time.

Stephen taught me that not all the time what we think is true. There another side to a story that we have seen. And that the heart is easily fooled, but it beats true. Even though love is just a game, there will be a time when even the most wayward bird will find a place to settle down. No matter how heartless a man may seem to be, there will always be someone who will let him learn how to love again.

Nami taught me that love cannot be forced. But it works like a virus, eating into your heart until you get used to it. That not everything is as easy as they seem to. Straight to the point and ends directly. Life is unfair. It gives you trouble when you least need it. It gives you love from the most unexpected places.

And France? France taught me to be true to yourself, whether you be gay or straight. And that there is always a silver lining in every cloud. Though you may not notice it now, it is there, waiting to be discovered. And of course, that life can always be seen in different perspectives 🙂


2 thoughts on ““Breaking the Casanova’s Heart” Operation

  1. Hey! Are you a Filipino? If you’re not, then how did you understand all those things? How did you understand Ate Aly’s story? I’m just curious you know. Haha. By the way, I like what you did there. This whole “Thoughts in my Crowded Mind” thingy. I never thought you could learn so much just by sitting around and reading Wattpad stories. I tried writing stories on my own. And, nah. It doesn’t work out for me. And! DON’T FORGET TO ANSWER ME! We could be friend. 🙂 I’m #0 fan of Alyloony.

    PS. This story is the BEEEEST! Love it ❤

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