Why Write About Love?

What is love?  Ask someone what it is and you end up with a lot of answers. It’s an emotion, a sensation. Love is pure, love is kind. Man have experienced love since a long time ago, but not anyone can give you a proper explanation of what it is.

But for me? Love.. love is wgraahh, blraghh, (fus-ro-dah!) lol? Whatever sound it is people make when it comes to frustration. I mean sure, I’m a girl, I must have a pretty good idea what love is, must have experienced it at some point. But in reality? I have no idea. I mean sure, I’ve read and heard about how people describe it, but I’m still at a loss of how it really is. Nada. Not a single clue.

At some point, I can always.. notice when someone likes another person. But when it comes to noticing people who like me? You could have hit me with a brick and I wouldn’t have noticed it. A friend said it was because I wasn’t looking for love, that’s why I don’t notice it. But is that really it? Or am I just really thick-headed not to notice?

So why write about love when I know nothing about it. I mean, why not? Love is an intangible thing. It can be found in places you wouldn’t dream of. You can look for it and never find it. But it’s there when you aren’t looking for it. For me., I guess what I can call love right now, from what I have experienced.. it’s just contentment and being happy.

Love, huh. Such a simple word but can take on a lot of meanings, a lot of emotion. In love, it isn’t always happy and forever. It has its downsides and endings too. It’s not always about feeling loved. It’s also about the pain, the rejection and heartbreak.

I am forever thankful for those that love me. And for those that I hurt, unintentionally or not, I truly am very sorry from the bottom of my heart.


3 thoughts on “Why Write About Love?

  1. Greetings… I’ve been around a while, and this is what I see when looking at love: Love is everything in the world that is about unity, co-operation and spirit. Fear is all about separation, power over, and ego. When emotion get wrapped up in love, we call it love yet it’s really just chemistry. However, love is that binding force that really does stand that test of time.
    Being young, you get to discover what flavor of a relationship you desire, and follow it. How do you want to be treated, then demand it. And the first time he treats you bad, you turn a walk away, and don’t look back. Then ask God/Spirit/Source/Universe for what it is you DO want, and step forward.
    Love is like a flame, you can feel it, yet it has no substance. Love is an emotional high, that can sometimes last a lifetime. It’s the binding force in the universe, it’s what holds matter together.

    • That’s quite the definition of love, and I have to say it’s more or less on the spot. It’s actually.. calming how you described it. Like there’s be bad times but it’ll be worth it. Thank you 🙂

  2. Real love is clarity of thought. Wisdom that comes from love, comes from the still waters of a quiet heart… when the emotions are quiet. When you need to make a decision and your emotions are all over the place, find a quiet space and silent the emotions, then let the decision flow from clarity. You can also do this as an intuitive practice when say… choosing a mate, or… There are other ways of getting clear answers, if your interested let me know.

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