Friends – I’ve Got Your Back

Your friends can be your greatest treasure in the world. Your times together can make for great memories. They’ll be there for you when you need them the most, even when you don’t want them around. They stick to you like cheese to a pizza.

It’s nice isn’t it, when you have friends who care for you a lot that they look out for your well-being. And always on the look-out for ways to prank you.

Today I was reprimanded by the best friend of this guy. I was told off, yelled at, and put in my place. At first my reaction was that of anger. How dare she? She was in no position to lecture me about decision that have been made. But then I have to grudgingly admit that she has a point. Albeit that point was rudely got across. I mean, when you’re talking to a girl, and an angry girl at that, every single thing you say becomes ammunition for her next volley of words aimed at you (I know, I’ve had my fair share of anger bouts 😛 ) so I let her get it off her chest. I didn’t try to argue and defend myself because I knew it would be pointless.

After a while though, I kind of admire her. It doesn’t need a lot of guts to chew someone out over the internet, but I admire her audacity to do just that. Imagine waging war against another person because your friend has been hurt, even though they didn’t ask for the help.

Having friends like that, it’s something to be treasured. Sure that not many would agree with their type of confrontation of the problem, at least you could see that they care enough for you to do that. With or without your backing. They look out for you, even though you may not agree with it.

My friends though xD I’m not sure they’d do that for me. Sure they can pick fights with me, and those we know of, but someone they don’t even know? I doubt it. But hey, I won’t trade them for any other friend.


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