A Heart-to-Heart Talk 2

What happens when a person close to you.. withheld the truth from you? One would say it’s funny knowing the truth while someone keeps lying to you. But is it? It isn’t always like that. I mean., you trusted them. You tried to be fair and you even walked the talk. how could they just do that? It’s one thing to know that they did something bad and didn’t tell you. That hurts. But to do something bad., not tell you about it., then later on you hear from your friend about what that person did behind your back? That hurts more. At that point., it would be so easy to go up in a rage and throw things., say hurtful words to them., make them feel as awful as you are feeling.

But then., your anger would soon pass. The truth of what they did will leave you all hollowed out. How can they do it? You trusted them for a long while., and when you give your trust., you expect them to trust you in return. How could they just do that unmindful of how you feel., about how you will feel when you find out?

You’d sink in that empty feeling where no emotion seems to reach to you. You’d feel as though everything’s fine., that’s you’re not as mad as you thought you were.. that you would be able to forgive them for what they did. But is that really it? You’ll act like nothing bad ever happened… but the moment you talk to them.. a trigger is pulled. It would seem that something will always get you annoyed., it might be little things., could be big.. and then., one moment.. you’ll just find yourself shouting at them., trying to get your point across some silly thing.

Or then again., maybe not. You’d continue to keep this feelings within you., and hope they change. Hope that they themselves will see what they are doing and stop it – for their own good, if nothing else.

But is that path.. really wise? You’d open yourself to more hurt that way. But it’s all right isn’t it? Because they matter to you. You can take a little sacrifice. It’s nothing much. I can handle it. No big deal., It’ll be fine when they realize what they’re doing.

But will it? Will it be fine? Will they realize? The thing is., if it continues like that., the outcome is either.. you reconcile., or pressure leaks.

But it will be good wouldn’t it., to go sit down in front of each other., tell him/her about your insecurities.. lay all things down the table. And hope everything works for the best.

Things like this., you can’t really predict it.. if he/she see how sincere you really are., they’ll change for you

It’s a matter of heart-to-heart talk.

And maybe then.. just maybe.. that thing you are deeply afraid of.. it will not happen.


3 thoughts on “A Heart-to-Heart Talk 2

    • hey novareylin 🙂
      I actually made this for two of my friends currently dealing with problems like this. Though it’s not much it helped them a bit I think. I hope you’ll soon find an answer for your problem – one that wouldn’t end up in too much hurt. Listen to your heart, yes, cheesy I know, but it would usually point you to the right direction 🙂

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