Pedia Day :)

We were supposed to wake up really early for this, but as usual, my sister slacked off and slept in. There I was still sleepy but already getting my hair into a French braid (I taught myself, without any references. just worked it all out in my head and tried it a few days ago and it looked okay. so hah!) then brushing my teeth and all. I specifically wore a black Spongecola t-shirt and some jeans, plus of course, my favorite snake earrings.

Unintentional Prank

As we were going out of the house, and since the road in undergoing construction, we were forced to make use of a make-shift bridge – a set of planks piled together from a set of stairs leading down. My mom went ahead as usual, followed by my sister. As I stepped down on the last of the steps, I unintentionally stepped on a plastic filled with some water. To my amazement, an arc of water shot out directly on the path my sister was taking. Her hands were soaked plus a bit of her pants. Because she was surprised about the water, she unintentionally slid a bit on a certain patch of mud and got some on her feet. My sister was so annoyed she didn’t talk to me the entire time we went to the Cardinal Santos Hospital.

At the Hospital

Name: Mai Mortel
Age: 18 years old
Date of Birth: July 7, 1993
Weight: 66.5 kg (hey I weighed myself :3 finally got around to knowing how their weighing scale works)
Height: I forgot to ask xD


Hepatitis A: complete
Hepatitis B: complete
Typhoid: boosters sometime next year
Flu: next year
Measles: complete
Polio: boosters?
PVC: uh..?

Shots for the day: PVC13 and Flu vaccine

Dr. Joseph Regalado has been our pediatrician ever since we were a baby. Every year, we would go to his clinic just to have our vaccines updated. He’s kind, easy to talk to, funny, and gives great advice. Even though sometimes the topic we are talking about is a bit sensitive (like which body part needs slimming, love life. grades, etc) he gives it an air of friendliness – like we can talk to him about anything and everything under the sun and it wouldn’t come out as weird. usually he would talk to us while we are on his examination chair getting our vaccines getting injected into our forearms. Then the optional lollipop if we ask for it :3 spoiled ppl we are.
This time though, I noticed that Dr. Regalado used a cute yellow animal stethoscope instead of the plain ones in a pile by his side. It was very cute. Questions ranged from how school life is, and as usual, the debate between juice, soda and plain water.

The ultimate question: Boyfriend?

Coincidentally, every single time Dr. Regalado asks me that question, I have no boyfriend. And as always., he would tell me to focus on my studies first and be a good girl. Also he would always remind me to choose my friends carefully – because they have a large influence in my life.

When we were about to go home, my mom bumped into one of her former co-workers in the hospital. After talking for about 10 minutes, they parted ways. From their conversation, I gathered that most of my mom’s previous co-workers were already in other countries, living the life of luxury. Jokingly, I told her, “All of your previous friends are in foreign countries now. What about you? What are you still doing here?” to which she answered: “I’m making sure you finish your studies. You are the ones who will bring me to foreign countries.” This sentence brought a certain person in mind, but then, it just strengthened my resolve to study harder, graduate, and be able to get a job overseas. All of this flew out of my head when we started talking about what we were going to eat then xD


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