Atlanta CRAZY Crepes

Since my sister bought a yoghurt ice cream, on impulse I wanted something sweet too (though a bit cheaper). By that time we were passing by the Atlanta Crazy Crepes stall.

Due to me being impulsive (and a little realization earlier on that I should try lots of different foods I haven’t tasted before) I decided to give it a try. Looking at the ingredients label next to it, I saw that it consisted of whipped cream, a mini strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream scoops, and guess what? bananas! šŸ˜›

Since Ive heard that a lot of people apparently likes whipped cream, I decided to give it a taste. After all, thousands of people around the world can’t be wrong about how fantastic whipped cream is. I’ve seen people on TV gobble it up like it’s some rare treat with their ice cream. So, why the heck not?

After I got it, it looks just like how their model banana split thing portrayed it., although my mini ice cream scoops looked a little bit squashed and my wafer stick looked a little bit on the puny side.

So i dug in. The ice cream is cold – of course it is. The whipped cream, okay and so-so. The bananas tasted just like bananas would, and their chocolate syrup is of the normal kind. Basically it wasn’t what I thought it would be, but still passable. So i munched on it as we walked around Greenhills.

A little later though, I began to feel slightly light-headed and dizzy – my typical body reaction to too much sweets and didn’t get enough water. Then and there I decided whipped cream isn’t for me. Though it would be nice to have it with ice cream, I can’t take a lot of it. I notice that even though I may have something of a sweet tooth (noticeable because most people in my family is diabetic) I find that I am not that much of a sweet tooth compared to other people.,


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