Dreamworks’ The Road to El Dorado

The central theme of this animation is El Dorado, the lost city of gold. While playing a game of dice, Miguel and Tulio won an allegedly genuine map leading to untold treasures. Due to chance and circumstance, the two ended up as castaways and washed up ashore of an unknown land. Following the map, they stumbled upon El Dorado and were treated as gods. Events unfolded and tested the bonds of their friendship and tolerance. Will their friendship win out in the end? Or will they end up going down different paths?

Look out new world here we come
Brave, intrepid and then some
Pioneers of maximum
Audacity whose resumes
Show that we are just the team
To live where others merely dream
Building up a head of steam
On the trail we blaze

Changing legend into fact
We shall ride into history
Turning myth into truth
We shall surely gaze
On the sweet unfolding
Of an antique mystery
All will be revealed
On the trail we blaze

The way the story was told, through the lives of two happy-go-lucky friends and their antics, it was really fun. I guess no matter how predictable or unpredictable the ending of a story may be, the way it is told will always make a difference.

I just really love watching animations so much. The feelings that the story brings, it’s somehow different from the feelings brought out by the superficial acting of people in drama series and soap operas. With cartoons and animations – even movies, I feel as if it is plausible for peace and contentment, even magic, fantasy and adventure to exist for it is in a different world they live in, separate from our own reality.

Animations like these serves to teach us lessons in life, makes us believe in ourselves and hope for something better in our future. They reach out to us with their stories, touching us, sharing with us joy and sadness, despair and even comic relief. Along with their songs that are really lively, with a tune that just sticks in your head, it leaves you with a good feeling of positivity and happiness.

Watch it, I say. Watch it!! 😛

I love Altivo ❤ he reminds me of Maximus from Tangled


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