Trip to the Diamond Hotel

Accompanying my sister to her Prom night, my mom and I found ourselves smack in the middle of a hotel. Even if we had been to other hotels before, they were not as fancy as this one. The Diamond Hotel is a five-star hotel, and I saw a lot of foreigners, mostly Americans, here. I’m writing this as I’m warmly snuggled down in our bed, watching “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Teader”. This place is fantastic, and so are the prices. I’ve explored a wee bit, but I am yet to see every place here.

We were given a ride by our uncle up to the hotel entrance. There, a German Shepherd dog (who I wanted very much to play with, someone give me one pleaaaseeee) sniffed our luggage, then we passed through metal detectors.

Elevator Fiasco:

As soon as we entered the Hotel, we were warmly greeted by the lady-attendants. The lobby was grand and very brown. In the center was a few steps leading to what seemed to be a dining hall. We were immediately given our keycards, for the use of the elevators and as our room keys. Happy and exicted, we immediately proceeded to the elevators. Upon getting in, we pushed the elevator buttons and waited for it to move. Except that it wasn’t. We (that means to say I, cuz I was the one neared to them) pushed the buttons again. And… nothing. I tried to insert the keycard in the slot, , then pushed the buttons again. Nothing happened. I tried it again and pushed again and again., until my hand slipped and pushed on the adjacent button. And we moved! But to the wrong floor. The elevator then started its descent back to the ground floor. Figuring that the elevator button was faulty, we transferred to another elevator. And the same thing happened again. Only this time, a middle-aged American went in with us in the elevator T_T and we still couldn’t operate it. Though after a few seconds of pushing buttons, we suddenly moved, but not to our floor, or to that of the American’s for that matter. We were surprised when the doors opened and there was quite a surprised  Filipino man saw us all staring at him. I quickly asked him how to operate the fancy elevator. He quickly looked at the elevator buttons, saw the keycard still inserted in the slot, removed it and pushed the button for our floor. And it worked!  I looked at the keycard in amazement and saw that at the back, there were instructions in how to use it. Silly me xD

The Room (after we’ve been in it)


Mom and I

Le Exploration

As my sister and her friends were preparing for their prom, mom and I went exploring around the hotel. The view we saw out the window was like this

We hurriedly decided to go and see the pool. Once there, it was simply amazing 🙂



The view of the Diamond Hotel from the pool side

To get to the pool, you have to pass this cute lil bridge with fishes (they’re carps, mom said)

It’s always been kind of a dream for me and my mom to have a pond thingy with a bridge over it in our house, when we manage to have one. It would be better if they’re koi fishes, but mom is happy enough with plain carp

After a bit of sight-seeing, mom and I saw a waiter toting around a tray with a couple of fruit shakes and a dragon stuff toy with the crest of Diamond Hotel. Mom knew I wanted the dragon stuffed toy and asked the waiter to bring us one. Sadly it comes with the drinks, and they aren’t cheap.

My sister 🙂 She won the Miss Quaintrelle award

The Room Service Menu

The great picture-taker


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