So… uh.. yeah

So with the recent things happening, I figured out a lot of things. Some that aren’t really a big deal, some that’s nothing new, and a few more I was surprised at.

1. AJ’s schooling. It came as a shock to me because we weren’t talking and it came out of the blue. I didn’t even know when he was going to bartending school. I knew he will, but I never thought it would be so soon. And the thing was, we kinda were in a no-talking thingy break. Well, I’m not too sure why he wanted the no-talking thingy. But after knowing that he would be attending bartending school alreayd, I think he did it so I would get used to not talking to him all the time. Or maybe that’s just what I think. I was kinda mad at first, but after I pulled off two days of not talking to him, it wasn’t so bad actually. I had time to do more stuff, laze about and not be panicky. In the end, I might even be grateful to him 😛

2. Something’s changed. I’m more.. at ease with myself and the time. Not exactly the confident type I’m aiming for, still a bit too self-conscious, but there’s something there. I’m not too worried anymore. I’ve even caught myself humming “la la la la” on my way home, and that’s not something I do. And I found a love for baking.. well it’s those Betty Crocker ready-mix thingies… but it still counts! I like cooking too.. but not with an audience.. makes me feel as if I’m making mistakes.

3. Wattpad stories are addictive. I’ve always been a voracious reader, but I kinda laid off of reading cuz of school works and having little time. Now that I kinda have a bit more time ( i never knew I was so.. lazy) I now have time for reading 🙂 Love most of the stories I read. mostly deals with fantasy and adventures – but there are quite the additional romance. I wonder why the protagonist always has to fall in love with someone?

4. Henri’s kinda making me feel guilty. He’s not doing it intentionally though, more like I feel guilty by myself. He’s doing so much for the sites and here I am whining about a few homeworks.. I better be active again. I’ve never met someone who really makes me feel like everything’s okay and tries to make people feel better about themselves without resorting to flattery (well, sometimes).

5. I’m finding an appreciation for beautiful girly things. This is a shock really. I’ve never minded things that much and to actually appreciate girly things.. this is new.

6. We’re going to be staying in a hotel this Saturday!! Cuz of my sister’s prom, and my mom and I are required to be her “handmaids”, a.k.a. her helpers with everything. Well, that’s the polite term.. more like she’s going to boss us around to do things for her. Still it won’t be so bad, it’s her big night after all, and I want her to have more fun than I had in mine. I’ve only stayed in a hotel room once when we were in Baguio, and that was when I was still a child. Looking forward to this 🙂


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