Classic Sleeping Beauty story – with a twist

“Then there is you, a small girl who knew nothing of the world. None of us expected you to survive your first week,  and yet you did. You didn’t give in to Lord Hugo’s demands. You called his bluff. When I heard Mort talking, saying what he was going to do with you, I knew it would break you. After seeing all you’ve been through, I couldn’t let that happen. I couldn’t watch another girl break. I couldn’t save my sister, but I can help save you, Rory, because you want to be saved.”


While browsing Wattpad’s “Featured Stories”, I came upon this story which I downloaded on impulse. “It would be nice to read fairy tales again“, I thought. Thinking it would just be another classic rendition of the timeless story, I was surprised when what I read made me want for more. The story was told in a first-person point of view, filled with rich descriptions. It told of how, after learning of her curse to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die, Rory took it upon herself to find a way to break her curse. Finding a place for herself amongst a group of thieves, hiding from those who wants to capture her, the story showed how a young princess found strength and camaraderie in her journey to find a fairy that will lift her curse.

No stories are told in a way that the heroine would get what she set out for without finding any obstacles in her way, if there is such a story. The same goes with this., even though at times some parts were a bit predictable. It is captivating somehow, the way the story was laid out. Though it went from one plight into another, it somehow makes me want to read more, see what happens to Rory and her friends, walk down with her on the path her decisions take her.

Maybe in some way, I can see myself in Rory. Just a little girl, trying her best to fit in and be happy. She doesn’t like seeing pity in the eyes of others for her. She knows she can do things herself, but sometimes waits for someone to help her, to save her, even though she knows it won’t change a thing.

Although her love life is something truly normal in these kind of stories, still it kinda reaches out to me sometimes,. the way she feels when they have a fight, or the way she draws her strength for him, trusting with her heart and willing to follow him. At the part where I’m currently at, they’re in a sort of fight brought on by a misunderstanding.. kinda like where I am now with Aj, though a lot can be said about that “misunderstanding”. I could totally relate to her when she describes her day as being longer than she remembers they were when she’s not talking to him, how she misses the comfort he offers by just being there.

I’m looking forward to how her life turns out., it’s truly something that I could easily label as one of my favorites.

We each have our own destiny, but it is always up to us how our life turns out.


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