Goals and a bit of New Year’s cheer :)

Gongxi Facai!

Have a Prosperous New Year!

This calligraphy is something we learned in Mandarin 2, though there seems to be a something a lil off to how i wrote it xD

I’d have to say that this day is full of surprises. I don’t remember the last Chinese New Year to be as noisy as it was today. Also, I had quite the restful sleep., ate quite a lot of fresh lumpia too.. that’s all that was available since yesterday night.. though I’m not complaining much. We rarely get to eat lots of vegetables. There were quite a lot of fireworks today., plus those dancing dragons that reared up and down, swaying to the beat of the drums.

As a new year starts, I hope to put the past behind me. Start up anew, be a better person. Though I’m pretty sure that this might just lead nowhere, I guess I’d have to start somewhere, sometime. It was something I kept putting off, but this time I think, maybe I’d be able to pull it off. Just that it will be hard, as everything is, and though it’ll be easy to say no one’s supporting me, it’s not quite true. I have my friends for that, my family, those I know. I really should try to be a more social and happy-going person. No, not “should try”. I will be. ๐Ÿ™‚

Secondly, I really have to put in more effort into my studies. I keep saying that I would, but I hardly do anything the level I did them in the past years. I find school to be boring, and unfair. But then, I do not have to like it to get better at it. It’s just I have to stop slacking off. It’s high time to have proper time management. Still, as I’m writing this, I’m still too lazy to the the homeworks i have left.

Then the next thing to consider would be my co-curricular activities – the OEC. I’m none too sure I should keep this up, though I’m also at odds about giving it up. I’m not sure.. Time would tell I guess.

About other things, I’d like to be able to:

  • save more money
  • earn better grades for my scholarhip – urgent
  • limit my wants to reasonable things
  • follow my dentist’s orders
  • diet and exercise – this is a must
  • learn more about cooking
  • pick up reading, drawing and writing AGAIN
  • learn

we’ll see about how things goes ๐Ÿ™‚ just I hope I remember to keep them up once I’ve started them xD


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