Rachel Leigh Jenson

You were the first ever REAL KIND person that tried to cheer me up when AJ upset me that time (don’t remember why though.. something about being sensitive or something.. oh because he called me a jerk! D: still can’t believe it.) I sometimes miss talking to you, when there’s no sane person left to talk to. Thank you for being such a good person, even being good to a stranger like me. I hope we can continue our friendship even though I haven’t been talkative much.

Ricky Yeats

I know you won’t be able to see this, and I don’t care. You were the first actual person I met online that I looked up to, and I’m sad to say it was more because of what I thought about you, than what is really true. Sure you put up a front where you make it seem that people’s attitude don’t faze you, but it wasn’t the case. You’re a little quick with words, a little too long-winded too. But for all that, I looked up to you the first few months when I joined the site. I liked how you seemed warm and friendly to every little new person there is on the site. You were like a chest full of wisdom, but I soon learned you were a little too much on the “manipulative” side. Then came the drama where you “left”. I mean, sure Aj would have said you abandoned us, but you wouldn’t have felt like you did if you weren’t a little guilty. You wouldn’t have taken it seriously if you yourself didn’t feel that way. But yeah, I looked up to you, was disappointed. You say you don’t care, but your words then betray how you really feel. I’m just sad that everything turned out this way. I miss.. well not exactly you, but your uh.. mind? Brain? Yeah.. all those intelligence stored there. Well, wherever you are now., I hope you’re happy. And no hard feelings, its just life.

Roravelle Ropal

Velle!! Even though we haven’t been with each other much this past year, I always manage to cross ways with you in college. I miss you curly hair, which you exchanged for your smooth hair now. I miss your smile, your laugh, and your jokes. Generally I miss you. I hope we can hang out more this coming year. No, we NEED to hang out more 🙂


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