Nathaniel Mercado

I’m truly sorry for not replying to your texts.. It’s just that I don’t text people anymore, unless it’s really important and stuff. I’m kinda sad we don’t talk much anymore. I miss your satirical humor, and our friendly-insult banter. And my word, how thin are you going to get? Tell me your secrets! Oh, and about that payment.., most likely it will be my aunt who will collect it. Bear in mind, I didn’t even go to Pampanga, only my mom and sister, and they failed to collect. Don’t worry though., I know where your house is so you can’t escape your doom >:D mwahahaha

Ohad Habshush

Ah, E.T. you were a good teacher you know that? Patient, a bit funny, and always ready to explain. You are a good person to talk to, not that I talk to you much, I wanted to,. But figured you’d be too busy or something like that. Anyways, thank you for being kind to an annoying person like me who just can’t stop asking one question after the other. 🙂


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