Maria Violeta Isabella Panergo

Lovely., thank you for being the role model in our group  Sometimes, when I feel tired and just want to copy what the others are doing, I see you, and then I remember that I don’t have to do what the others are doing to get high grades and feel good about myself. Seeing you really study for something makes me want to try and study too. You are fun to be with, and independent. That’s the trait I like most about you. It seems that you can do anything by yourself. But we are always here to help you. I’m sorry if I’m not always the best person to be with, or that I’m always grouchy and sleeping, but know that I would be willing to help if I can. Thank you for being such a great friend and classmate.

Max Alphonse

Max, we need to talk more D; I miss your sense of humor and your way of talking. How come you don’t talk to me anymore? How I wish we could talk like we did the first time on aim. You need to get on aim more, now that I think about it. And how is the little girl you kept buying lollipops? Haha, how is she? You’ve been quite generous and comforting when I was sad,. You always tried to cheer me up. You also gave some wicked advice 😉 Hope everything goes smoothly for you this year 2012 🙂

Mei Sofi

“She’s hyper, innocent, good-hearted, friendly, fun-loving, and even though she’s a bit strict when it comes to drinking or swearing its only cuz she cares about her friends so much” not my words, but yeah, when you’re not being dramatic, you’re all those. Actually, you are fun. You are caring. I hope we get along better next year.


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