James (Sira Jana)

You do know that most of the stuff you talked to me about… are already in a forgotten place? Haha. How are Vixxie and Samuel? (don’t kill me. I still haven’t learned how to properly spell that tiger-cat’s name) I kinda sorta miss talking to you, getting to ask all of those questions without being told I’m annoying. I always enjoyed our talks cuz I got to learn more about other stuff I previously didn’t know about. Hope we get to talk more in the coming years  Oh and how was your girl doggie? I hope she’s okay since you said she’s afraid of uh.. thunder/lightning.. the loud bangs of fireworks must have spooked her.. My hamster slept through it all ._.

Jeo Bago

Well, I really don’t know what to say. I am sorry that I don’t reply to your texts? But don’t be offended, I do that to everyone. You are an interesting person, though quite confusing, cuz you don’t always seem to answer most of my questions to the point. Other than that, I hope we can continue our communications (though not by text, FB chat maybe) and friendship.


Oh my, what happened to you?? You were the one person I actually miss having mind-blowing talks with. How is your ever loving wife? 😛 You need to visit the site more  At first I thought you were a self-righteous, high and mighty guy who just wanted to flaunt his knowledge on the world. You were scary., you know that? But after a few talks, I came to like you a bit. You were one of the few people I actually listen to when they go on and on and on about things that’s beyond the content of my mind. I demand that you donate your itty-bitty parts for the advancement of knowledge! Just kidding 😛 hah. I wish you’d get online in the site more and contribute most of your posts. Thanks for being a good guy, in your own way 


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