Happy New Year!

Hi, I know this would be a little late for New Year, (mostly because of procrastination and slow internet) but here it is. Happy New Year guys!

This year has been quite the memorable one for me, for in the past year of 2011, I have met more friends than I could ever think of, and I have discovered far more than I could really imagine. Each of you helped me in a way that contributed to who and how I am now. So I might not have been good to you, so I have not been the greatest person to talk to. But all throughout last year, I have met so many good people that took care of me when I needed it, and even when I didn’t. I am very thankful of all those people.

I know in notes such as this, I have to compliment you, praise you and say a lot of good things about you., well I tried to some extent. Mostly what’s written in the notes are my thought and words for you. Get offended if you will, but I won’t care much.

Below are letters from A-Z. Please click the letter corresponding to the first letter of your given name (or FB name since I don’t know your real name). You would be directed to a new page with my my little notes for you. Now, you may notice that there would be some who have incredibly long notes and some with fascinatingly short ones. For the ones with long ones, those may either be: a.) someone I really have a lot to say to or b.) those people that I am not in good terms with. Nevertheless, for those with the short ones, it’s not because I am angry with you, but because we are (sort of) in good terms. Now, they may be short because I can’t think of anything more to say :p

P.S. I want your opinion. Should I continue this blog thing or not? Your answers would be appreciated.

P.P. S. In some of the notes, I may have written “next year” please bear in mind that I mean 2012

Alejandro Alcala              A-B             D             E-F

G-H             J-K             M              N-O             R             S-Z


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