Glenn Harvey Liwanag

Hm.. What can I say? You are someone different now. You were a source of great anger and, in the end, happiness. Because of you I met a lot of international friends. Because of you I met Aj. For that, thank you. But for breaking my heart a few years ago, may you rot in David Jones’ locker. But I guess, karma does have a way of coming around huh? After all you’ve been through, I just want to tell you that you’d be fine, someone, sometime, will come for you, and that person will love you to the best she can. I just hope you won’t be too busy “playing” games like tetris or HoN when that happens. And please. When you say you want me to talk/text/hang out with you, at least have the decency to reply to my chats.



Harris Bolus

You were my first ever psionic teacher. But then we kinda got out of touch and all. I’m sorry for all the times I’ve been hard-headed. You are kind of funny and opinionated. I still can’t believe you’re only 12 or 13 or so.. thanks for being nice to me. Sorry I can’t write much here  we didn’t really get to talk.



Henri Alphonse

Henri, you have to know that I.. I – Henri, I… was afraid of you the first time you ever talked to me. I really thought you were a big mean guy who would eat me alive D: though that’s not the case now 😛 You’re such a quiet person – when you’re not in a sugar high or something like that – and I really appreciate you listening to all my rants, and giving me sound advice. More often than not, you also acted on my behalf even though you wouldn’t admit it. You’re always able to make me laugh, and you’ve always managed to comfort me. You have that “comforting” ability that’s sometimes annoying cuz I always seems to feel foolish after an especially heartfelt rant. You really are one of a kind 


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