Elizabeth Ocampo

I am still holding your fruit flies captive for ransom. Give me the ransom money or else. They already have pupae and are ready to become adults. Their lives are at my hands. They can either die, or live, depending on what you do. Choose wisely >:D

You’ve always been there for me whenever I needed something. Always ready to help out, even when I’m grouchy. Thanks for everything.

Evan Cloud

Ah, the hyper, seriously joking, kid – well not really a kid. What can I say? Oh Evan, you’ve really been quite a help when you talk to me. You manage to take my mind off of things that would otherwise make me want to scream. Your sense of humor is refreshing, in a sense that it’s satirical. You are wise beyond your years, and you are really someone worth talking to. I hope we get to talk more, and in a sense, hang out 🙂

Francheska Reyes

Cheska! Thank you so much for being my buddy-buddy this year. Thanks for all that you did for me. You always let me play on your phone, you let me stay at your dorm when I came to school early, and you always let me borrow things. I love you, hope we can still be friends forever and ever and ever ❤


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