Darren Snow

Oh Darren, where are you now? I miss your silent yet comforting presence. You were the first ever person I really wanted to help and get to know more. You’re the type of guy with a few words, but able to make a difference, you just have to discover it. I miss our small talks so much., you just have to get back online. How are you doing? Relatives okay? Have you found something you’re truly interested in? You were someone who I really appreciated talking to. And sometimes it’s because of your shy-quiet personality. Oh, we have plans to visit Australia somewhere in the future. I hope to meet you then :3 fulfill you promise of being my tour guide.



Desiree Savage (Ooharsis Mira)

Des J I can’t really say much to you cuz mostly I just hear from you and never really talked to you for quite a long time before. All I can say is that you’re cute and adorable! And yes, I do envy your chest ._. it’s so.., fluffy. I also love your happy, almost out-going personality. I hope we get to talk more this year



Dina Doani

Dina.. I wasn’t really mad at you after that rant I posted here. Just that sometimes I find it annoying when you rant about things. After I talked to AJ about you, and learned some things, maybe I judged you too quickly by how you act. You’ve been quite a friendly person, just you need to get out more, have more fun with people your age. You can be helpful when you want to. Can we be friends again? Even though I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to talk to you every single time, but I’ll try. I’m really sorry that you’ve had quite the hard time, but you’ll be able to get past them, if you persevere.



Doug Scott

Hey mister J I know we really haven’t talked that much for you to garner such a special mention here, but I want you to know that I really like all those pictures you posts on your profile. They make me smile and laugh when I’m feeling kind of blue. Oh, and many many thanks for always clicking on the Sims link on my profile when I tag you in it. Plus being such a cool guy that you’re almost always okay with stuff that happens in life. I actually admire your jolly sense of humor, and I know for a fact that you’re a kind-hearted person. When I talked to you that last time (kind of super long ago) I really appreciated your outlook on things, as it gives people something to think about. Sure you’re opinionated (everyone is), a bit scary / intimidating sometimes (when you express yourself on stuff you don’t like) but I find that you’re a really good person deep down. Thank you for everything. Have a merry Christmas.


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