Angeline Pua

Ange, what can I say? You’ve been with me from the first day of college.  You’ve seen my ups and downs, you’ve seen me at my best and at my worst. (poetic huh? xD) I’m so grateful that up till now, you’re still my friend. Thank you for every little thing that you did for me (tricks and pranks not included). Thank you for all the times you’ve accompanied me to your mom’s clinic. Thanks for all the times you’ve joined me going here and there. Without you, I wouldn’t really have survived college and still be the same person I am. Though I’m always a bit grouchy and moody, you’ve always been able to light up the darkest days in school. Even though sometimes I’m annoyed at your pranks, I still find them funny. I’m sorry for being mean at times., being demanding and ungrateful. Without you, I would have been truly lost. Thank you for being a part of my life (haha mamamatay na?)



Ben Cresdee

Benny Bunny!!

I don’t know why but I’ve always greeted you like that when I got used to you. I know, we need to talk more, but sometimes I feel.. scared? Afraid? To talk to you? I don’t know why, I always find you fluffy (meaning cuddly) and you look like you’re a friendly guy., but sometimes I just feel a bit apprehensive talking to people I’m not really close to. And I’m sorry.. I kinda took a break on watching DBZ cuz of Drawn Together, but I’ll go back to it as soon as I’m able. Well.., what else can I say? I almost forgot.. what happened to your spelling ability? It deteriorated since you got back from your little trip out there. It was a surprise to me since you really knew how to spell very well back then, that I took you for a grammar nazi. Thank you for being there when I have no one else to talk to, even going so far as to offer advice and words of wisdom about certain things.


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