So yeah.. I’m feeling a little down today. It’s just that I can’t help but feel a little bit.., neglected. Sure Aj goes on a night schedule for me, he stays awake more than the usual, but we don’t really talk. I’m actually a bit jealous of all the other people he talks to. I mean, how come they get to talk so much, then he actually shows.., excitement about what happens., then I’m just like..okay go have fun., but when he talks to me.. It’s like I’m always forgotten. Most of the time we just say the usual greetings, a lil bit of update on each other’s days.. and that’s that. Why is it that I can’t seem to hold any good conversation with people that would last quite a bit? I would see how he would share about what he talked about with other people, and deep inside, I wonder how I can’t be like them. Sometimes I think he even forgets he’s talking to me. I can’t blame him though. Even I don’t think I would want to talk to myself for a long time. But as always, when he asks me, why don’t I just say what’s happening? I think I always say it’s fine, cuz really, he’s actually doing too much for me already. So why do I keep feeling down every time that happens? I’m starting to think I’m a lil spoiled with that I want. I guess I’m a little needy. I should just learn to be contented with what I can have. He’s doing so much already.


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