Why must he be so stubborn?

I write these blogs as a reflection of what goes on in my mind, in the order I think of them. Sure it went through a little organizing on my part. But what’s the use of continuing to write when he just thinks I “fluff it up” because I know he will read it? He gets all jealous and emotional just by the first paragraph, without bothering to read further. If only he read it all, then he’d understand. But he refused to get past the first paragraph. It made me sad and hurt actually. Consider me sensitive, sure. How can you defend yourself when he doesn’t even want to hear it, and instead believes what he thinks he knows from just one sentence?

True that he has his right to get all emotional if he wants, I just think he should have read it to the last word before he judged it. I guess I’m the one at fault for writing it that way. I didn’t mean to do it.. it’s just how it flowed from my thoughts. In the end., I’m just not sure I should continue writing here or not. True that I guess I could express my thoughts, but if they were to be taken in a different light, then what’s the use?


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