Not knowing what would happen next would be the most exhilarating thing in our life. You can never know what will happen, or who you will meet. What matters most is the bonds you share.

He’s the kind of guy who is sweet and sociable. Everyone likes him, and a lot of girls fall for him. He’s a lover, but also a fighter. A pretty tall guy, loves dogs, and is absolutely protective of his loved ones, he’s a “catch” as most would say. But most amazing of all is that he’s mine.

I liked him from the first instant I met him, kinda like I was drawn to him and his warm, funny ways. Flirty and joking, he knows how to make a person feel warm and accepted. He was one of the first people I met in the OEC sites. Though a bit paranoid, and is an avid researcher and news-watcher, he has his way with words. There were many instances where I was impressed with his control of words, the way he puts his thoughts on paper, that it seems more than what he seems capable of. He’s a good guy in most point of views, though a lot would say he procrastinate a lot, though no one could blame him for that. Once he deems it himself that he has been lazy enough, he becomes productive the next few days and his outputs are above average.

I know that since he’s a guy, there’s no helping him being attracted to other girls, but he’s loyal. He doesn’t do things which he will consider as “cheating” even though I okay-ed  some of them. Though he has his flaws, the traits that I like about him far outweighs them. He is opinionated, most of the time hard-headed, but always charming and agreeable (to me at least XD couldn’t say the same to those who has a habit of arguing with him).

What I like most about him is that even though he isn’t the kind who’s very verbal with his feelings or in expressing them, he more than makes up to it by his actions. Being in America, our time zones are the opposite of one another’s. Instead of being the usual guy who would sleep by night and be awake at day, he’s the night. A nocturnal person. Asking him why he does that, he answers with “because I want to talk to you, and besides, I like the night.” Such a simple thing, but on a large scale, it has a quite a big impact. Imagine the dedication and all other things he puts up with just to spend some time talking with me.. It’s just.. wow. To change your sleeping schedule for someone is a big thing for me, since I love sleeping as much as other people love their hobbies.

He’s been pretty accepting with all my faults. I tend to be stubborn and hard-headed, but he copes with it. The only problem is that we’re too far apart, and that in itself both is an advantage and a disadvantage. On the plus side, we get to express ourselves in an emotional level, being sure that our relationship is not purely physical. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. But it is also a big disadvantage for us, because we cannot bond and spend time together in “real-life”. My only problem with this is that it’s very hard to show or let him feel how much I care by just saying words..

I just don’t want to do anything that would jeopardize this relationship. It’s something I really value at present. Though just saying “I dove you” to him is already a lot, I want to be able to say it to him face-to-face one day.

All I can really say to him is that: Words may get anyone anywhere, but actions are what counts the most. I may be swayed by flowery and beautifully expressed thoughts,. but its the smallest gestures, the trivial things you do for me, that captivates my heart 🙂


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