Truth and Hope

Not every love story ends in a happily ever after. But most try.

Just a few minutes ago I asked him “Do you think our relationship would really work out?” I somehow knew in my heart what he would say, feeling the tell-tale signs of dread. He answered, “In all honesty it probably won’t”

I already knew why he said that, before he even explained. Too many things play a factor for us. Unlike the “star-crossed lovers” Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games, it’s not a series of life and death situations that thwart us. Just a few, simple factors, and distance, by far, being the most pressing one. We live in totally different countries, where my day is night, and my night is day for him. This distance makes it hard of us in ways such as we cannot be with each other physically or enjoy the little things such as hugs and kisses. Also there is the unlikely chance of one of us going to where the other is.

Then there are my family ties. I’m still pursuing my studies, so I can’t go anywhere as of now. I also can’t bear the thought of leaving my mother and sister to fend for themselves alone. My father is long lost to us, and I don’t expect my sister to help mom when it comes to doing things. My mom and sister is all that I have left that’s important to me, and I simply cannot bear to part ways with them.

Time too, is another factor. If ever, it would take me about 5 more years before I finish my course, take the board exam, hopefully pass, and then be on my way to him. Time that I think is too long for anything to last. I’m not sure if he can wait that long or maybe in that course of time, he may find another he will be interested in.

Knowing all this, it was still a blow to hear those words and know his reasons which only supported what I knew. I kinda felt shattered, and tears began to run down my face. I tried to stop them, since mom was home for lunch, and I do not want her to see me cry. But I just can’t. I just pretend that the gums from which my wisdom tooth was pulled out yesterday was aching, so as not to make her ask about it. But deep inside, I can’t stop my heart from aching.

What I admire about him is that, even though he could have eased my worries by saying everything will go well, he opted to tell me the truth of things, not even sugar-coating them to make it less painful.

In truth, I’m not sure what will happen though, ‘cuz in reality, you just can’t survive on “love”. As pretty as it is too hear about people lasting in long-distance relationships, I think deep inside, something in them withers and dies.

But not all is yet lost. We still have our relationship going strong between us, and a few obstacles isn’t enough to say that everything will end. So far, nothing big has gone wrong. I just hope it will be that way for the coming years ahead.






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