The Minions

Every world dominator needs to have their own set of minions to mindlessly carry out their orders.. here are mine xD

Leaving high school behind and stepping into college is no small feat. There are classes to be seen to, homeworks to do, and yet in the middle of all of it, you feel the need to fit it and belong. I’m happy to say that I found good souls in my class, and in time, I began forging my friendships with them.

Every semester brings about a rotation in our class schedules, and there are times when I wouldn’t be their classmate, and communications between us would trickle to a slow pace. So here I’ll just list them down, no order whatsoever, the people I feel closest to.


Angeline Mae Lopez Pua

Nickname: Ange, Ge, Pooh

Label: The Math Genius, Criminal Mastermind Extraordinaire

Angeline has been with me since the first day of the first semester of my Freshman year. At first, she is a shy, quiet little mouse that I had to look around for, cuz she is meek and barely talks. We have been through a lot of semesters together (believe me, she never leaves section A, and if she does, well I’m pretty sure I’ll be cut off long before she is xD) and she is always the little “baby” of the group. Everyone seems to look out for her well-being, and everyone simply loves her. From being the shy quiet mouse she once was, she is now the brains behind most of our stunts.  In truth, I would feel lost without her. I’m happy to say she is my best friend 🙂



Roravelle Ropal

Nickname: Velle, Kulot, Pancit Canton (not applicable anymore cuz she had her hair straightened D: )

Label: The Rebel, Life of the Party

Velle is not the typical girl you see anywhere. She tends to bring out the best in everyone, and have them laugh with her at all times. Being with her, you can’t feel down, and there is never a dull moment with her. She was my classmate only on the first semester of our Freshman year, but we still meet at the corridors. It’s hard to be angry with her, and she always has a solution to every problem we ever faced as a group. High-spirited and head-strong, always likely to get in trouble, I’ve always admired her for her sense of spirit.



Ma. Violet Isabella Panergo

Nickname: Lovely

Label: Independently Quiet Criminal Associate / Innocent By-Stander

Lovely was a friend of mine since a few weeks into the first semester, and she has been close since then. She is my classmate this semester, and I can say life has been more interesting with her in it. J There are times when she acts independently of others, and I admire her for that. A few times she can be quite blunt with her words, and she sometimes becomes one of our stunt masterminds, but for all that, it’s hard not to like her. It’s also fun when we taunt her with our male classmate >:D Lovely will do everything to ensure that whatever her group’s work is, it will not fall to ruins. She’s also studious and works really hard for her grades, which is far more than I can say about some other people.



Elizabeth Dator Ocampo

Nickname: Lizette, Liz, Eliza Beth

Label: The Tormentor

Lizette is a happy-go-lucky kind of girl that’s always there to torment me. She is always my seatmate since we go by alphabetical order, and because of that, I feel very close to her. In spite of me being moody and temperamental, Lizette will always be there for me. Lizette is easily taken by actors, and would always be exasperated with me whenever she tries to talk about the current drama / movie in the cinemas, for I never had the head in remembering the names of the actors. Through a lot of things, Lizette is always ready to help people out (as long as she isn’t hiding their things from them)



Francheska Pauline Reyes

Nickname: Ches, Cheska, Bebeloves

The Label: Top of the Line Fashionista Dorm provider

Cheska was at first a quiet girl, but ever since she joined our group, we became closer and funnier. Having place at a dorm just a stone’s thrown away from our college, we always hang out at her place when we have the time. She is tall, and the fairest in our group. Funny and yet charming at the same time, she loves going to the movies and texting her bebeloves. The thing with Cheska is that she is warm-hearted to everyone and will not refuse a good prank. She is also our supplier of movies and candies


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